Privacy Policy

  1. 1. This illustration is only for the purpose of illustration, explanation and motive of the Sea Leaf Resort Pvt. Ltd. (the "Company"). Any of the point mentioned herein shall and can be modified at sole discretion of the Company, unless the lease deed is executed.

  2. 2. The Illustration depicts a Revenue and Time Sharing Hotel Project

  3. 3.The said project provides for Revenue Sharing to 40% of incomes/revenues received in a financial year out of the room rentals owned by the Unit Holder. Any Incomes/Revenue received from Foods and Beverages, Rental of Banquets/any rentals of other parts of the property or any charges levied by Company are excluded and shall not be counted as part of Revenue Sharing Project with the Unit Holder.

  4. 4. Any government taxes on the room rentals or any other taxes levied by the Government on such services or units shall be borne by the Unit Holder. The revenue shares may be determined from amount left after Total room rent revenue minus all applicable taxes.

  5. 5. Each Unit Owner will and shall have to execute a registered lease deed in favour of the Company which shall be for a minimum period of 99 years.

  6. 6. Revenue Sharing to the Unit Owners shall be as per the Category of the Unit Held by them. There shall be three classes Unit Holders i.e. 1. Lawn and Forest Unit Class 2. Sea View Hotel Unit Class 3. Sea Leaf Hotel Unit Class.

  7. 7. For Each of the above mentioned classes, the Revenues of each categories of units rented shall be divided among the unit holders of the same class.

  8. 8. For the purpose of transparency and clear accounts, All the Unit Holder's and Company shall jointly appoint an Auditor for the purpose of Revenue Sharing Audit. The Auditor after determining the revenue shares of Each Unit Holder, the Company shall transfer each unit holder's revenue share every 6 months by way of cheque or NEFT as per the instruction of Unit Holder. Unit Holder's shall bear all the fees and expenses of such auditor appointed.

  9. 9. The above terms and conditions are subject to changes till the final execution of the lease deed.

  10. 10. All prospects and actual estimated calculation be better understood from concerned authorised representative of the company, and only those may be believed over this present.

  11. 11. This illustration and notes are prepared for discussion purpose only in connection with the overall project. The any profit and loss indicated are only for purpose of example and each proposed buyer, unit purchaser shall invest or buy upon his own individual financial competence and calculations as to profit and/or loss. It is clarified that none of the figures, amount or profit is guaranteed by Company.

  12. 12. This illustration and notes is not intended to be used in case of any litigation/dispute/arbitration etc. As anything mentioned here does not amount to any promise or commitment whatsoever.